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Ellen... The Artist
The endeavor to create a work of art with bits and pieces of broken glass, pottery and tile, placed in a harmonious fashion, transforms Ellen to a peaceful and tranquil state of mind where she becomes oblivious to the basics of life such as food or sleep. The results of her powerful and yet graceful design, quiet passion, infinite patience and near microscopic attention to details, is a full, rich, distinctive object of art, which is one-of-a-kind.

Although artistic talent was in abundance in her mother's family, Ellen was never known to show any particular flair in this direction. So, when she created her first mosaic picture frame, some 15 years ago, at the age of 52, I could envision what was to come as she began to experiment and perfect this talent which had been dormant until that point.
Ellen, a self taught artist, has followed her artistic dreams ever since. Her inventiveness in the use if various materials allows her to impart a unique beauty to mirrors, chairs, murals, or any object regarded by her, as suitable vehicle for her mosaic designs.

Ellen describes her stained glass mosaics as "Paintings Done in Glass". They emanate a warm reflective quality, achievable only with glass. Many of the pique assiette pieces, made with broken china, porcelain flowers, figurines and jewelry, give a refreshing new life to old materials that may have otherwise been discarded.
"At the end of a long day, I turn the lights out, close my eyes, but, I can't sleep because my mind is racing with ideas. I am creating the mental 'Blue-Print' for the next project, awaiting execution". At the crack of dawn, drained from a sleepless night, yet wide-eyed with excitement, Ellen describes to me (her husband of 45 years) in full detail the ideas conceived of, the night before.

Few things in life give Ellen more pleasure than to see that 'Blue-Print' evolve into an exquisite reality.
Art isn't her only accomplishment. She is also a wife, a mother of three children, grandmother of three and a registered nurse/diabetes educator by profession.
She is also now an artist, though late, but blooming fully.

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